Why call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

Why call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

Courteous, discreet,respectful, passionate are adjectives we use to describe our philosophy. Finding bed bugs on your premises can be distressing and poses many challenges. From discomfort to loss of revenue and bad publicity, an infestation spreads well beyond your premises and into other parts of your life. That’s why expert knowledge, an accurate assessment and the resources to […]

When should you call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

When should you call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

Not sure when to contact us?   Do you or a family member have unexplained, itchy bites?   Do you notice dark spots or stains on your bedding or walls near bedding?   Do you know what to look for when you travel?   Do you have family members staying in college dorms?   Do […]

Contact Johnsie TODAY for CleanRest mattress encasements at Carolina Bed Bug Dog by phone: 336-908-3975 or fax: 866-489-8221
email: k9sleuthservices@gmail.com

Do you need a bed bug inspection in Southern Virginia? Carolina Bed Bug Dogs’ service area is vast. Need a bed bug dog in South Carolina? What about a post treatment inspection in Rock Hill? If you are near anything Carolina, including the Coastal region we can service you!

Angies lIst
"Johnsie and Abby were a wonderful team- they responded within 3 hours to my call and were there to help me late on a Friday night. Carolina Bed Bud Dog services was responsive, thorough, and extremely helpful when my apartment had bed bugs. I received multiple follow up emails making sure that everything went smoothly with bed bug treatment, and could not be more thrilled with Johnsie McSwain's work.

I highly recommend Carolina Bed Bug Dog Services."

a 2012 Satisfied Customer

"I kept feeling itching and seeing these tiny tiny bugs every now and then/randomly for a couple weeks, but didn't think anything of it till I saw one on my arm bulging with blood. . Johnsie McSwain saw the video, and said she was 90% positive from the video it was a bedbug, but needed to find the source to be sure. After about 30 mins of searching, Abby found the source - spotted a box of kids toys from a friend. Wow, had we not had the dog come in, we would have never spotted where they were coming from, and had I waited, it could have led to an all out infestation.

It was worth every penny to me and my family to have these things located and removed."

a 2013 Satisfied Customer

World Detector Dog Organization

wddo logo 150 When should you call Carolina Bed Bug Dog? A note from WDDO President,

“The World Detector Dog Organization a not-for-profit organization……a group of scent detection canine handlers and trainers with a goal: to improve the field of canine scent detection. We are police officers, fire fighters, public and private investigators, pest control professionals, mold inspectors, search and rescue personnel and others.
But one important thing we all have in common is we depend on canine scent detection as a part of our livelihood.

The organization is open to all canine disciplines as it relates to detection, regardless of the trainer. We are a resource center, brining canine teams together for the purpose of better networking and communication. I invite you to learn more about our incredible organization. We hope you will join us in setting the standard!”

Steven Yerger, WDDO President

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International Bed Bug Resource Authority

IBBRA When should you call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

Discover how being a member of IBBRA will help make a difference in your business and in the lives of others

IBBRA extends and works with global partners as a leading resource authority for bed bugs providing education, products and services that meet stringent core requirements.

The IBBRA is comprised of a group of seasoned and experienced professionals that have united in a mutually beneficial relationship to combat the bed bug pandemic throughout our world’s communities.

Our advisory team consists of the world’s top professional and informative bed bug experts. IBBRA provides heightened awareness and education to people who are suffering from the impact of bed bug infestations.

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Ultimate Bedding USA

UltimateBeddingUSA header 1 When should you call Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

Pest Control Mattress Encasements

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Today’s mattresses are a significant capital investment for both the average consumer as well as the hospitality industry and finding effective protection is essential to protect your investment from bed bugs. Bed bug mattress encasements are the first line of defense against the invasion of bed bugs.

One of the biggest challenges of bed bugs eradication is bed bugs in the mattresses and box springs. Even after treatment with vacuums and steamers, the possibility of leaving a few eggs and stragglers is great.

First and foremost, mattress encasements DO NOT PREVENT bed bugs. They simply protect against bed bugs entering into the folds and seams of the mattress and box spring thus saving you the needless treatment and capital replacement cost of the mattress.

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