All you Need to Know about Pet Removal Companies

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You may have heard of numerous removal companies, specialising in house removals, office
removals etc., but did you know that there are companies that offer specialist pet removal services?
Well, if you didn’t know, then you do now! This article aims to provide you with all the information
you could want about pet removers and pet removal companies.

Some companies offer national pet removal services, whilst some go that extra step and offer
international removal services, should you be moving overseas etc. All you need to know about Pet removal Companies All you Need to Know about Pet Removal Companies

To pet owners, a pet is much more than just a pet. As they become integrated in your family, they
become a part of the family – an active member so to say. Just as family members, pets become
used to certain people, foods, environments and lifestyles. So moving homes will affect your
pet just as much as it will affect you and your family members. Pets become easily distressed by
moving, because pets do not necessarily like change. Therefore, you want to try and make the whole
experience as comfortable for them as is possible.

So you are in the process of moving homes. You have your removals planned, your items are packed
appropriately and you’ve managed to hire the right service to get your belongings to your new
destination. What happens to your pet? How are they going to arrive at the new destination – their
new house?

You may decide that you are going to take your pet with you in your own vehicle, which is a good
idea since they will be with you and feel safe and secure. However, if you do not own a vehicle or if
your car is full then taking your pet with you is out of the question.

That is where pet removal companies are the answers to your prayers. Pet removers are specially
trained people who are also animal lovers, meaning that your pet will not be in the custody of
someone who is just ‘doing their job’. Not only do they safely move your pet to their new home, but
they also look after your pet while it’s in their care. Therefore, the welfare of your pet will not be an
issue and doesn’t have to haunt you.

Removal companies do ask for a little assistance from you which will help the move go more
smoothly. There are a few things that pet removers ask from you. You are asked not to feed your
pets at least three hours before the move. When a pet experiences anxiety, they are prone to
nausea etc. and feeding them before the move is going to make them more likely to experience
vomiting or diarrhoea.

Your pet can feel more comfortable if they have their bed, toy, comfort blanket or something
familiar with the. This familiarity will keep them feeling secure and comfortable since your scent will
be picked up from these items.

Since pet removers will keep your pets in cages during the move. It is therefore required that your
pet is used to being in a cage. If they have never travelled in a cage, keep your pet in a cage before
the move in order to get them comfortable with being in a confined space.

Bird cages should be covered with a cloth to minimise anxiety.

Ask companies about the criteria on transporting fish since not all companies offer this service.

Pet removal companies are widely advertised on the internet and in phone books. Pet removers are
competitively priced, so it is wise to obtain a few quotes before deciding who to hire.

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