Bed bugs: Coming to a Mattress Near You

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Express, in the UK published an article recently about bed bugs in their country. Bed bugs are a problem internationally, not just in US cities such as Charlotte, NC, New York, NY, Raleigh, North Carolina, Matthews, NC, Wilimington, North Carolina,  Richmond, VA. Abby and Johnsie(Carolina Bed Bug Dog) are members of IBBRA, International Bed Bug Resource Authority.  IBBRA has an established hotline to help people deal with bed bugs. Check out the post from the UK’s Express:  Coming to a mattress near you: bed bugs

A bug’s life: Bed bugs are back and living under a mattress near you

THOUSANDS of families across the land are engaged in all-out war. The enemy? That remarkably hardy little beast, the bed bug.

sOnce the blight of homes in the 19th century, bed bugs are back
A fact of life in Victorian Britain but thought almost extinct by the 1980s, this unwelcome guest is making an alarming comeback. Pest control company Rentokil reports a 70 per cent increase in cases in the past three years, and the epidemic shows no sign of abating.Bed bugs are small, rust-coloured creatures about the size of an apple pip.

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