Bed Bugs in the Heartland, not just in hotels

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From KFVS 12

Beg bugs are a growing problem in the Heartland.

“There is a bed bug problem still in Cape Girardeau,” said Amy Morris, with the Cape Girardeau County Health Department.

Morris said the health department gets a couple calls a week from people reporting bed bugs.

She said the bugs don’t carry disease, but can cause secondary problems like allergic reactions and skin disease, so it’s important to get rid of them.

“They are reddish, brown, they range in size from 1 to 7 millimeters,” said Morris.

They’re bed bugs, and they could be where you live.

“They can be on your night stand next to the bed, they can be behind the trim on the back of the headboard,” said Chris Horrell, a Bug Zero representative.

“Pictures on the wall, they can hide in the seams on the mattress, in upholstery, curtains,” said Morris.

They can even hide in your electrical outlets.  see entire article: Bed Bugs in Heartland

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