Bed Bug free Quads

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Courtesy of Mimi Shirley | Staff Reporter |

Doane College in Crete, Nebraska had a serious bed bug problem. Residents of  Burrage dormitory have returned to their rooms after being evacuated from their quads last week.

Senior Lauren Wilcox, and more than 75 other students, had to juggle academics, extracurricular activities and pack up their rooms.

Chris Waldron, a Doane Safety Administrator, said that affected residents had to pack up their belongings and store them in Butler Gym for treatment. Terminix, the pest management company hired to remove the bugs, treated Burrage for bedbugs.

At the end of October, Doane will have another bedbug inspection with the help of a special dog trained to identify bedbug infestations. The dog will be brought back to make sure none of the bugs returned or survived.

Crete Inn, Super 8, and friends’ couches hosted evacuated students.

Non-washable items will remain in storage treatment until 10 a.m. on Friday. Treatment of Burrage only took one day to complete because of students’ cooperation.

“Students did a good job of getting everything boxed up quickly which helped the process,” Waldron said.

Wilcox said that they were told that they could leave books, furniture and electronics in their quads. Clothes needed to be dried on high heat for 45 minutes to kill possible bedbugs. All non-washable items were to move to storage for treatment.

Wilcox said the whole process was physically and psychologically draining.

“You never think of how much you go through in ten days,” Wilcox said. “It is work.”

Wilcox said with a busy schedule not having a room to go back to was odd. Driving back to the hotel during breaks was not worth the effort, Wilcox said.

“Commuting wasn’t bad, but people were basically living out of their cars,” Wilcox said.

Residence Life Director Kevin Bollinger said he believed that the inconvenience turned out well because of students’ efforts.

“We are very pleased with the way students responded,” Bollinger said. “They worked well with us and made the process easier.”

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