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If you plan to travel soon-avoid bed bugs

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Be sure and check your beds, mattresses, box springs, and headboards carefully, and the bed side table.  Don’t store luggage on floors in hotel rooms.  Use the luggage rack.  When you return home, unpack clothing into your washer or dryer, even if you did not use those items.

Bed Bug Inspector, Abby

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Abby doesn’t dress up for work usually.  She is wearing her sleuth attire in these training pics, though!Abby rocking sleuth attire 2013 150x150 Bed Bug Inspector, AbbyAbby sleuth2013 150x150 Bed Bug Inspector, Abby

Brooklyn Exterminator shares bed bug Horror stories

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Although bed bug complaints and violations were said to be in decline last year, exterminator Bill Swan isn’t buying it. According to Swan, NYC’s bed bug epidemic is still raging, and he attributes the drop in complaints to an increasing number of New Yorkers essentially giving up, sticking an apple in their mouths and tying themselves to spits for the bed bugs armies to feast upon.


In a lengthy interview with Swan, he shared some of his craziest bed bug horror stories with us, and also explained why it doesn’t work to try to get rid of them on your own. To that end, he wanted us to spread the word that his company, NYC Pest Control, is running a special this month!   Click below to read the article

Brooklyn exterminator shares bed bug horror stories.

Penn State seems to have a Bed Bug Problem

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Penn State Officially Has a Bed Bug Problem
Just in time to greet a busload full of high school students, an army of bed bugs has invaded Penn State.

Hundreds of kids flock to Penn State’s main campus every summer for science camp, but this year some of those children got an extra lesson on entomology after they found bed bugs crawling around their sheets.

Not bad, writer of the article. Not bad. The bed bugs in question, PSU confirms, have infested three dorm rooms in Curtin Hall, in the East Hall complex of the University Park campus. Not surprisingly, several students reported bites. Thank heavens our friend the Nittany Lion is immune; he was just wrapped up this week for renovations. [WJAC]

Pesky House Pests

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Please feel free to make use of the infographic provided below. It provides helpful information about many house pests.

(Click to enlarge)

PeskyHousePestsSmall Pesky House Pests

When should you contact Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

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  •   Do you or a family member have unexplained, itchy bites?
  •   Do you notice dark spots or stains on your bedding or walls near bedding?
  •   Do you know what to look for when you travel?
  •   Do you have family members staying in college dorms?
  •   Do your employees travel?
  •   Do you work in the hospitality industry?
  •   Do you work in social services?
  •   Do you know how to pack/unpack, what to do in order to avoid bringing bed bugs home?
  •  Do you know that some canines are trained to sniff out bed bugs because the bed bugs are difficult to locate?
  •  Do you know what treatment methods are available for bed bugs?
  •  Do you work with the public?
  •  Do you ride public transportation?
  •  Have you purchased any second-hand clothing or furniture recently?
  • Are you a property manager?
  • Do you live in a multi-family dwelling?
  • Do you live/work in North Carolina,  South Carolina, or Virginia?

The questions noted above can lead you to a decision to call Carolina Bed Bug Dog for assistance.  Being proactive with regard to bed bug management is the safest way to avoid problems that arise with these pests.

We look forward to working with you on all aspects of bed bug management. We work to provide discreet, accurate bed bug management protocol via safe and effective IPM methods.

The best scenario is to locate bed bugs where they hide. Where there is one, there are usually more. Our K-9 scent teams are specifically trained for bed bug scent detection, and are WDDO certified.  We train daily and attend continuing education courses and scent team training multiple times per year in order to provide great customer service.

Here is a summary of what Carolina Bed Bug offers clients:

  1. One-time discovery K-9  inspections
  2. Post-treatment  inspections
  3. Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual bed bug management programs
  4. Government building K-9 bed bug inspections
  5. Scheduling Flexibility
  6. Safe and environmentally friendly solutions
  7. Discreet service-we do not have signage on vehicles.  The reason for this is that we want you to feel assured about confidentiality
  8. Bed bug pre-remediation prep services
  9. Client education about bed bug habits, how to pack/unpack to avoid bed bug infestation
  10.  Commercial and residential K-9 inspections



South Bay Starbucks fights Bed Bug Problem

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From South Bay News: CAMPBELL, Calif. (KGO) — A South Bay Starbucks has called in pest control to handle a bed bug infestation. ABC7 News takes a look at what’s being done.

“I’ve never seen a bedbug infestation in a restaurant. It is unusual,” said Heather Forshey.

Forshey is the Consumer Protection division director at Santa Clara County’s Department of Environmental Health. They received an anonymous complaint about bedbugs in the furniture at a Starbucks store on Bascom Avenue in Campbell.

Vector control confirmed that a specimen it received was in fact a bedbug. Forshey says Starbucks has been proactive since it learned of the infestation.

“They brought their pest control company in and they’ve had several treatments and there is no evidence that could be found that any bedbugs are currently there,” said Forshey.

Customer Mike Healey heard about the bed bugs, but isn’t really concerned. He said, “I think they’ve removed all of what they call the soft furniture, so I don’t think it’s going to be too big of a problem.”

The county says the Starbucks has a pest control company that is continuing to follow up on the problem. And as Forshey points out, bedbugs bite, but they are not known to carry diseases.

You can find information on how to deal with bed bugs here:
see the article:

How a Leafy Folk Remedy Stopped Bed Bugs

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Generations of Eastern European housewives doing battle against bedbugs spread bean leaves around the floor of an infested room at night. In the morning, the leaves would be covered with bedbugs that had somehow been trapped there. The leaves, and the pests, were collected and burned — by the pound, in extreme infestations. See full story:

The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

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An important event held in High Point, North Carolina, the High Point Furniture Market is the largest trade

show in the world that covers home furnishings. It is an impressive sight, covering over ten million

square feet of buildings, and area. It is located near the center of North Carolina, 70 miles away from
Charlotte and the same distance away to the southwest from the Raleigh/Durham areas.

You can enjoy the best creations in the field of furniture from around the world right here, where

High Point Market and the Bed Bugs 1 150x150 The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

Bedroom Furnishings

the true masters of the trade offer their new creations. This specific concentration of furniture, beds
and upholstery however creates the perfect breeding environment for bed bugs. Think of the market
as a literal endless buffet of humans carrying the possibility of enjoying a new home. And what do
we know about bed bugs?

We know they are small, parasitic and feeding on the blood of animals and people at their most
vulnerable time – while they sleep. They are wingless, flat and reddish-brown, ranging in size from
a millimeter to a whopping seven millimeters. You can find them literally anywhere across the globe,
on all continents but Antarctica. They are extremely sturdy, capable of living for months without
a meal while sleeping in hibernation. Much like other insects of their kind they are simply masters
at survival through stealth, capable of hiding in areas where people and animals sleep. You can
find them in the seams of mattresses, bed frames, dresser tables, box springs, behind wallpapers,
on the folds of your clothes, bag and luggage and more. They can infest new places by sneaking
“aboard” a human and using them as transportation to a new home and more. With the amount of
people concentrated around the market, traveling from around the world to take part in it, chances
are someone might sneak in unwanted guests.

You think their size and endurance are bad? Bed bugs are known to be able to move at a speed of
one hundred feet a night if they need to, though you will likely find them within eight feet of your
sleeping area. Although they do not spread any diseases, they are truly annoying as their bites are
itchy and irritating. Their bites can have varying effects on different people, from virtually nothing
at all to a severe allergic reaction that needs special medical care. One of the most amazing qualities
of their bites is the fact they inject the bite with an anticoagulant and anesthetic which prevent
you from feeling the bite until they have fed and disappeared. In some rare cases of sever allergic
reactions some people suffer from anaphylactic shock, thus endangering their lives in the process.

So if you are suffering from skin rashes, insomnia and swelled spots around your neck and face
you might be dealing with a bedbug infestation. It is important to take that seriously as you might
not be aware of any allergic reaction in you or anyone living with you until its too late. People who
travel a lot carry a risk of picking them up around their destinations, as they are literally everywhere
around the world. If you are worried that an infestation may have occurred you should contact an independent
canine bed bug detection team, like Carolina Bed Bug Dog.  They have experience in dealing with the small,

bloodsucking invaders, and can determine if you really have bed bugs, then assist with the right plan to eradicate them.

This guest post has been written on behalf of: WD5 Domestic Cleaning

How Bed Bugs Dodge Pesticides

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Bed bugs use a range of tactics to render insecticides useless, a study suggests.  Infestations are on the rise around the world, but the pests are growing resistant to some chemicals.

Now scientists have found 14 genes associated with a number of biological changes.  These include the development of a thicker skin that stops poisons from penetrating, and mutations that prevent toxins from hitting the nervous system.