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Abby, the bed bug sleuth (photo courtesy of Pet Portraits Network)

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Abby Sleuth 300x240 Abby, the bed bug sleuth (photo courtesy of Pet Portraits Network)

Bed bug canine, Abby

Abby working to help a homeless shelter find bed bugs

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Abby, our bed bug scent dog, helped a homeless shelter in a nearby town today. She provided a courtesy bed bug  inspection in the office areas and some living quarters.  We will do additional courtesy inspections for them after they have the heat treatment that is scheduled for this week.

Bed Bug Inspector, Abby

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Abby doesn’t dress up for work usually.  She is wearing her sleuth attire in these training pics, though!Abby rocking sleuth attire 2013 150x150 Bed Bug Inspector, AbbyAbby sleuth2013 150x150 Bed Bug Inspector, Abby

Carolina Bed Bug Dog..the solution

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Check out  our new video.  We now work in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.   Carolina Bed Bug Dog..the solution

The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

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An important event held in High Point, North Carolina, the High Point Furniture Market is the largest trade

show in the world that covers home furnishings. It is an impressive sight, covering over ten million

square feet of buildings, and area. It is located near the center of North Carolina, 70 miles away from
Charlotte and the same distance away to the southwest from the Raleigh/Durham areas.

You can enjoy the best creations in the field of furniture from around the world right here, where

High Point Market and the Bed Bugs 1 150x150 The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

Bedroom Furnishings

the true masters of the trade offer their new creations. This specific concentration of furniture, beds
and upholstery however creates the perfect breeding environment for bed bugs. Think of the market
as a literal endless buffet of humans carrying the possibility of enjoying a new home. And what do
we know about bed bugs?

We know they are small, parasitic and feeding on the blood of animals and people at their most
vulnerable time – while they sleep. They are wingless, flat and reddish-brown, ranging in size from
a millimeter to a whopping seven millimeters. You can find them literally anywhere across the globe,
on all continents but Antarctica. They are extremely sturdy, capable of living for months without
a meal while sleeping in hibernation. Much like other insects of their kind they are simply masters
at survival through stealth, capable of hiding in areas where people and animals sleep. You can
find them in the seams of mattresses, bed frames, dresser tables, box springs, behind wallpapers,
on the folds of your clothes, bag and luggage and more. They can infest new places by sneaking
“aboard” a human and using them as transportation to a new home and more. With the amount of
people concentrated around the market, traveling from around the world to take part in it, chances
are someone might sneak in unwanted guests.

You think their size and endurance are bad? Bed bugs are known to be able to move at a speed of
one hundred feet a night if they need to, though you will likely find them within eight feet of your
sleeping area. Although they do not spread any diseases, they are truly annoying as their bites are
itchy and irritating. Their bites can have varying effects on different people, from virtually nothing
at all to a severe allergic reaction that needs special medical care. One of the most amazing qualities
of their bites is the fact they inject the bite with an anticoagulant and anesthetic which prevent
you from feeling the bite until they have fed and disappeared. In some rare cases of sever allergic
reactions some people suffer from anaphylactic shock, thus endangering their lives in the process.

So if you are suffering from skin rashes, insomnia and swelled spots around your neck and face
you might be dealing with a bedbug infestation. It is important to take that seriously as you might
not be aware of any allergic reaction in you or anyone living with you until its too late. People who
travel a lot carry a risk of picking them up around their destinations, as they are literally everywhere
around the world. If you are worried that an infestation may have occurred you should contact an independent
canine bed bug detection team, like Carolina Bed Bug Dog.  They have experience in dealing with the small,

bloodsucking invaders, and can determine if you really have bed bugs, then assist with the right plan to eradicate them.

This guest post has been written on behalf of: WD5 Domestic Cleaning

Hire a Bed Bug Detection Canine Team

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Zillow for Pros blog had a great article by AUTHOR:SARAH GABOT below:
Experiencing bed bugs infestations can be a nightmare. The apartment has to go through a series of treatments, residents are displaced, and belongings are destroyed—it’s a nightmare. Unfortunately, treatments aren’t always 100 percent. Sometimes, the little critters stick around and quickly flourish again.

How do you know if your treatments were successful? It can be difficult to tell. To be able to quickly determine if all the bed bugs were killed, consider using a bed bug detection dog.

More than just man’s best friend.

Dogs, as you might already know, have been used in other fields such as law enforcement. They’re great at sniffing out items, people, or creatures that the human nose or eyes cannot detect.

How do they work?

Using a canine’s acute sense of smell, trained bed bug detection dogs are able to find bed bugs at a high rate of accuracy. These dogs are trained anywhere from a few months to years. Once the dogs are fully trained, trainers continually maintain the dogs with regular practices. When the dogs are actually put to work, there are usually two dogs used, making the search faster and more effective.

If traces of bed bugs exist, then residents are able to quickly take measures to stop the infestation before it gets worse. After bed bugs are detected, the treatment could be confined to the infested area only, preventing excessive spraying.

Where are they being used?

Bed bug infestation dogs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only are they being used in residential homes and apartments, but they’re also used in other places with high volumes of people going in and out such as hotels, hostels, and airlines.

What are the caveats?

One of the major criticisms of using bed bug detecting dogs is that that the dogs aren’t 100 percent accurate all the time. Various companies make claims of having high accuracy rates, ranging from 90 to 98 percent.

Low accuracy could be a result of poor dog training or a poor handler. Additionally, dogs may give false positives because they find traces of bed bugs scents on clothes or from another neighboring apartment. However, if you’re looking for a quick, chemical-free method of detecting bed bugs, consider hiring a certified bed bug sniffing dog.

K-9 Police Units – article from a guest blogger

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Dogs have been a part of human warfare for many centuries, used both in combat and on guard

duties, hunting and much, much more. Today most of the cute puppies we see have been divorced
from their hunting instincts, turning them into harmless and rather silly individuals due to excessive
pampering. Well not these dogs – dogs bearing the homophone K-9 can be seen in most law
enforcement agencies and police forces around the world, serving just as bravely as any officer.
They are specially trained to assist police in activities such as sniffing out explosives, drugs, arson
risks and tracking suspects.

The most commonly used breed is the German Shepard with also the Belgian Malinois being
a second best choice. Because of their status and special training they are covered by the law.
Intentionally killing or injuring a police dog is considered a harsh felony, usually leading to
penalties a lot worse than those of animal cruelty. In some police forces it is treated as an assault
on a non-commissioned officer, thus leading to serious charges. A growing number of law-
enforcement agencies around the world are outfitting dogs with specialized ballistic vests for added
protection. Many of these animals are being treated like full members of the police force, given a
proper burial with all the underlying respect given to a member of the police.

2012 06 14 17.46.19 2 K 9 Police Units   article from a guest blogger

Police K-9 on duty

In some cases dogs are used to apprehend and detain suspects through training them to intimidate
with aggressive gestures and barking. Other methods include the simple threat of the dog being
released on the suspect or by direct apprehension methods in the worst cases. The breeds most
often used in this are German Shepherds because they are both intelligent and available, however
plenty of other breeds can be seen around the world. Pit Bull Terrier, Doberman Pincher, Boxers,
Caucasian Shepard and others are used by police forces around the globe.


Mine dogs are used around the world to find and identify the presence of land mines.
Although many view this practice as inhumane the dogs involved are taught to search in
specific patterns using their keen and amazing sense of smell. Mines contain chemicals and
agents that dogs can be conditioned to identify, thus being invaluable and sometimes even
more useful than a metal detector.

Drug sniffing dogs are the best detection system in the world when it comes to identifying
and apprehending people carrying many compounds. These specially trained canines are
trained to sniff out substances such as marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and
more. One of the main reasons why dogs are considered a vital part of law enforcement.

Bomb dogs are similar in nature to mine dogs with the added range of what they are trained
to identify and react to. Bombs can come in all shapes and sizes and these dogs usually find
explosives such as ammonia dynamite, C-4, TNT, water gel, nitrogen dynamite, sodium
nitrate, smokeless powder and more. In some cases they are also trained to detect explosives
such as Semtex, military-grade dynamite, ammonia-nitrate fertilizer and more based on
previous experience with terrorist acts.

Arson dogs are especially useful to firefighters and disaster relief efforts. They are trained
to identify and warn against a number of dangerous chemicals such as gasoline, acetone,
Coleman fuel, turpentine, lighter fluid, diesel, brake fluid and more.

This guest post has been submitted by SW1 Man and Van

Bed Bug Detection Dogs e-book by Denise Donovan

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Check out the new e-book by Denise Donovan, Founder of IBBRA. The e-book is ‘Bed Bug Detection Dogs’, and is available on the following site: Bed Bug Detection Dogs . Carolina Bed Bug Dog is a founding member of IBBRA. Denise has done a wonderful job on this book. Johnsie, President and K9 Handler at Carolina Bed Bug Dog is mentioned in the book as a contributor, along with other folks Denise interviewed while doing her research on bed bug dogs. Her other books are  available for download from as well. Denise is busy daily with the ‘Bed Bug Hotline’ and education for the public regarding bed bugs.

Carolina Bed Bug Dog – 2 years of finding bed bugs

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It’s Carolina Bed Bug Dog’s 2nd anniversary in business! Congratulations to Abby, our super sniffing bed bug dog! Mention this post for 25.00 Discount off an initial canine bed bug inspection. Offer valid until Jan 31, 2013.