Hire a Bed Bug Detection Canine Team

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Zillow for Pros blog had a great article by AUTHOR:SARAH GABOT below:
Experiencing bed bugs infestations can be a nightmare. The apartment has to go through a series of treatments, residents are displaced, and belongings are destroyed—it’s a nightmare. Unfortunately, treatments aren’t always 100 percent. Sometimes, the little critters stick around and quickly flourish again.

How do you know if your treatments were successful? It can be difficult to tell. To be able to quickly determine if all the bed bugs were killed, consider using a bed bug detection dog.

More than just man’s best friend.

Dogs, as you might already know, have been used in other fields such as law enforcement. They’re great at sniffing out items, people, or creatures that the human nose or eyes cannot detect.

How do they work?

Using a canine’s acute sense of smell, trained bed bug detection dogs are able to find bed bugs at a high rate of accuracy. These dogs are trained anywhere from a few months to years. Once the dogs are fully trained, trainers continually maintain the dogs with regular practices. When the dogs are actually put to work, there are usually two dogs used, making the search faster and more effective.

If traces of bed bugs exist, then residents are able to quickly take measures to stop the infestation before it gets worse. After bed bugs are detected, the treatment could be confined to the infested area only, preventing excessive spraying.

Where are they being used?

Bed bug infestation dogs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only are they being used in residential homes and apartments, but they’re also used in other places with high volumes of people going in and out such as hotels, hostels, and airlines.

What are the caveats?

One of the major criticisms of using bed bug detecting dogs is that that the dogs aren’t 100 percent accurate all the time. Various companies make claims of having high accuracy rates, ranging from 90 to 98 percent.

Low accuracy could be a result of poor dog training or a poor handler. Additionally, dogs may give false positives because they find traces of bed bugs scents on clothes or from another neighboring apartment. However, if you’re looking for a quick, chemical-free method of detecting bed bugs, consider hiring a certified bed bug sniffing dog.

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