Making a come back after a bed bug infestation

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From NewsChannel 9

Crown Inn Making Progress

February 21, 2012 5:42 PM

Coming back from a bed-bug infestation is time-consuming, but one motel is making gradual progress.

Almost one month ago, the Crown Inn in East Ridge was shut down. Management said it will probably take another three months before re-opening.

Lowe Wilkins, Program Supervisor of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, said Crown Inn is taking the right steps.

Margaret Everett is looking forward to the day when Crown Inn opens again. Everett said, “They could do everything they could to get it fixed up and get it in running order.”

When the Crown Inn voluntarily shut down on January 25th, Everett was one of the residents who paid by the week and had to find a new place to live.

She’s a longtime friend of management. They moved her to the Knight’s Inn which is on the same parking lot and run by the same people. “It’s been great, I’ve had no problem whatsoever.”

But the Crown Inn still has some work to do. With a grade of 62, it failed its inspection.

The three critical problems were bed bug infestation, fire extinguisher maintenance and some rooms needing evacuation plans.

But the health department says the Crown Inn is making headway. Wilkins said, “Very helpful, they voluntarily closed, they have worked with us. We’ve been there six to seven, eight times. We’ve talked to them many times by phone. We’ve provided information on bed bug infestations.”

Crown Inn has also removed the carpet, mattresses and furniture from 12 rooms.

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