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With bed bug infestations on the rise, you only need to travel once or visit an infested location to end up with them in your home. Bugs can happily slip into your luggage, storage bins, shoes, clothing and personal items while you’re traveling. Before long, these invisible hitchhikers have invaded your home and are hiding in little-known places and causing bites, itching and discomfort.

A bed bug infestation can cause anxiety and embarrassment and secondary infections can lead to allergic reactions and even financial strain. Learn about bed bugs.

Our bed bug scent team will search your home thoroughly and document the presence of bed bugs with the utmost discretion. We work with many different pest control companies and will refer you to the best service provider based on your circumstances, budget and environmental beliefs.

Whether you treat your home yourself or have a professional treatment, we’ll conduct a post treatment inspection at a discounted rate after the home has been treated for bed bugs. Learn more about our team.

Call Carolina Bed Bug Dog today to have your building/residence inspected for bed bugs before and after a major event.

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