National Bed Bug Resource Authority

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The National Bed Bug Resource Authority is dedicated to eliminating the bed bug infestation through environmentally friendly practices and the most comprehensive educational resources available. They have a long term commitment to establishing an organization of industry experts, professionals and individuals that collectively work together to raise awareness, provide resources and pursue quality solutions to the bed bug epidemic.

Its mission is to serve as an authority voice for the consumer and pest control industry in regards to bed bugs. It does so through fostering a concerted effort of global public awareness and education. Coupled with raising professional ethics and standards, enhancing environmental stewardship and improving on the quality of health of the public.

“Bed bug populations and infestations are increasing in the United States and internationally. Contributing factors are thought to include increased bed bug resistance to insecticides, increased domestic and international travel, rooms with more clutter, and greater prevalence of bed bug friendly furnishings.”


The National Bed Bug Resource Authority’s website can be found here.

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