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Client Raves

Our clients receive discreet attention and service from us, and therefore we do not identify their locations or last names, just their comments:
(Apr 22, 2011) Alyson  said:

March 15, 2011 Dear Johnsie; I wanted to thank you for coming to talk to our staff about bed bugs and the use of dogs in identifying living bed bugs in concealed areas. Everyone was impressed with how accurate the dog was in consistently identifying the correct areas you hid the specimens. There are a couple of issues that come to mind when I think about bed bugs and offering a reliable service to the public. If a person suspects bed bugs in their home, it is important that a positive identification of the pest is made prior to treatment as treatment for bed bugs is vastly different than treatment for other types of infestations. A benefit of using a dog is the elimination of a person making an honest mistake identifying the pest and elimination of any potential conflict of interest. Since bed bugs hide in some unlikely places, the homeowner will know exactly where to target the treatment when they hire a pest elimination company or attempt to do it themselves. Thanks again for taking the time to come to give your demonstration. Alyson

(Apr 17, 2011) Ann said:

First let me say, I am a customer, not family or friend. I am a very happy and grateful customer. Here is my bed bug story. I was in Vietnam on my second trip for business when my friend who was house-sitting, called and said he was getting bitten, and suspected bed bugs! OMG, when you have been away from home for an extended trip, and awake for 24 hr flying, the thing that you most look forward to is sleeping in your own bed in your own home. With 5 days before returning home, I started the attack. I called my sister who had them (she travels a lot also) for advice and I called an inspector. My sister had had her place treated by an exterminator at great expense. So, freaking out about money and bugs, I had my place inspected by an exterminator who found no signs of the bugs, but said odds of seeing them were only 50%, that trained dogs were more like 100% accurate. At that point, I did more googling and found a FOX8 clip about Abby and Johnsie.,0,6333840.story I was impressed with Johnsie’s good idea to start this business after being laid off work. Having spent a year on unemployment myself, I know how hard it is. And then to donate your time to Urban Ministries was inspiring and smart. From DaNang Vietnam, I called Johnsie and arranged for an inspection. She and Abby came the next day and pin pointed exactly where the little blood suckers were. This is so important to know the extent of the infestation. They were in my bed and in one chair in the living room. I was able to target the attack and knew I had a safe place to sleep upon my return in the other bed room. My recovery plan was two fold, suffocate them and replace the bed which was over due anyway. If the bugs can be contained, like my chair and bed, you can get plastic covers for them. ($12 at Target) Stick each in the plastic zipper bag with a no-pest strip and wait a week or two. There are also heat services you can get that work well.  I ran all the bedding and clothes through the dryer (high for 30 mins). After the remediation, Johnsie and Abby came back over to make sure I got them all. Abby did not find any the second time, yea! Johnsie has offered a very reasonable rate for on-going inspections over the summer just to be sure they are gone. I can not say enough good things about Johnsie and Abby. – Ann

(Sept. 9, 2011) John said:

We were very pleased with the services that you provided. Your very timely response to our request for an inspection was much appreciated. Your thorough inpection of our home, including the storage areas, and the time you spent with us answering questions and providing information was most helpful. – John

(Aug. 28, 2012) via Angie’s List 

If you suspect bed bugs, by all means call Johnsie McSwain @ Carolina Bed Bug Dog before you call an exterminator. Johnsie has a highly trained and certified sweet ‘bed bug dog’ named Abby, who performed a thorough inspection of our home, and fortunately didn’t find any bed bugs. The best part is that Carolina Bed Bug has no conflict of interest – they are strictly a pest inspection service, not an extermination service to support. Johnsie is kind, considerate and very professional – and is much cheaper than her better known, compromised competition. Call Carolina Bed Bug Dog, I’d highly recommend Johnsie and Abby! – Angie’s List subscriber

(December 18,2012) Ali said: “Johnsie and Abby were a wonderful team- they responded within 3 hours to my call and were there to help me late on a Friday night. Carolina Bed Bud Dog services was responsive, thorough, and extremely helpful when my apartment had bed bugs. I received multiple follow up emails making sure that everything went smoothly with bed bug treatment, and could not be more thrilled with Johnsie McSwain’s work. I highly recommend Carolina Bed Bug Dog Services.” Ali   (April 2013)  Joe Nick K-9 Training, LLC .   The certificate is for additional K-9 scent team training in bed bug scent with Master Trainer, Joe Nick. 2013 K9 training cert joe nick 150x150 Client Raves

K-9 Scent Team training certificate 2013

 (2013) Denise Donovan said in her Bed Bug Detection Dogs book: ” I don’t think I have ever met a kinder or sweeter person. You are such a joy to work with.  Thank you for your professionalism, all the field observations and sharing your concerns.”    (July 15, 2013) Dan wrote: It worked! So here’s my story in 2 mins about Abby the Carolina Bed Bug Dog! I kept feeling itching and seeing these tiny tiny bugs every now and then/randomly for a couple weeks, but didn’t think anything of it till I saw one on my arm bulging with blood. My normal reaction is to squash/kill bugs… but I decided to take a video and send it to a professional. Johnsie McSwain saw the video, and said she was 90% positive from the video it was a bedbug, but needed to find the source to be sure. After about 30 mins of searching, Abby found the source – spotted a box of kids toys from a friend. After looking through what seemed like nothing, we unfolded the instruction manual – to find eggs AND newly hatched bed bugs crawling around. Wow, had we not had the dog come in, we would have never spotted where they were coming from, and had I waited, it could have led to an all out infestation. I’m so so blessed to have known about Johnsie and Abby, Carolina Bed Bug Dog. It was worth every penny to me and my family to have these things located and removed. These things can stay dormant for as much as a year, and lay eggs at anytime. So, be careful about used toys, furniture etc…