The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

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An important event held in High Point, North Carolina, the High Point Furniture Market is the largest trade

show in the world that covers home furnishings. It is an impressive sight, covering over ten million

square feet of buildings, and area. It is located near the center of North Carolina, 70 miles away from
Charlotte and the same distance away to the southwest from the Raleigh/Durham areas.

You can enjoy the best creations in the field of furniture from around the world right here, where

High Point Market and the Bed Bugs 1 150x150 The High Point Furniture Market and Bed Bugs

Bedroom Furnishings

the true masters of the trade offer their new creations. This specific concentration of furniture, beds
and upholstery however creates the perfect breeding environment for bed bugs. Think of the market
as a literal endless buffet of humans carrying the possibility of enjoying a new home. And what do
we know about bed bugs?

We know they are small, parasitic and feeding on the blood of animals and people at their most
vulnerable time – while they sleep. They are wingless, flat and reddish-brown, ranging in size from
a millimeter to a whopping seven millimeters. You can find them literally anywhere across the globe,
on all continents but Antarctica. They are extremely sturdy, capable of living for months without
a meal while sleeping in hibernation. Much like other insects of their kind they are simply masters
at survival through stealth, capable of hiding in areas where people and animals sleep. You can
find them in the seams of mattresses, bed frames, dresser tables, box springs, behind wallpapers,
on the folds of your clothes, bag and luggage and more. They can infest new places by sneaking
“aboard” a human and using them as transportation to a new home and more. With the amount of
people concentrated around the market, traveling from around the world to take part in it, chances
are someone might sneak in unwanted guests.

You think their size and endurance are bad? Bed bugs are known to be able to move at a speed of
one hundred feet a night if they need to, though you will likely find them within eight feet of your
sleeping area. Although they do not spread any diseases, they are truly annoying as their bites are
itchy and irritating. Their bites can have varying effects on different people, from virtually nothing
at all to a severe allergic reaction that needs special medical care. One of the most amazing qualities
of their bites is the fact they inject the bite with an anticoagulant and anesthetic which prevent
you from feeling the bite until they have fed and disappeared. In some rare cases of sever allergic
reactions some people suffer from anaphylactic shock, thus endangering their lives in the process.

So if you are suffering from skin rashes, insomnia and swelled spots around your neck and face
you might be dealing with a bedbug infestation. It is important to take that seriously as you might
not be aware of any allergic reaction in you or anyone living with you until its too late. People who
travel a lot carry a risk of picking them up around their destinations, as they are literally everywhere
around the world. If you are worried that an infestation may have occurred you should contact an independent
canine bed bug detection team, like Carolina Bed Bug Dog.  They have experience in dealing with the small,

bloodsucking invaders, and can determine if you really have bed bugs, then assist with the right plan to eradicate them.

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