Watch out for Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs have reached epidemic proportions. New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago, as well as most areas of the southeast  have seen drastic rises in cases of bed bugs. These bugs are a problem in all neighborhoods. Bed bugs are equal-opportunity pests. They hitchhike in purses, in crevices of furniture, in luggage, are difficult to find,  and they move easily from host to host. When treating for bed bugs, one must remediate all adjacent apartments/rooms.  Bed bugs find ways to travel to the next available host. Watch for bed bug  excrement(yes,gross). And, watch for bed bug eggs.  Eggs are sticky, and look like a grain of rice.  Call on a bed bug inspection K9 to be sure your home/office/business is given due diligence to keep these pests at bay.  Call Carolina Bed Bug Dog (Abby) in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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