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A K-9 assisted bed bug inspection


What happens during a K-9 assisted bed bug inspection?

Bed bug inspections are non-invasive and only take a short time. If you suspect you have bed bugs but aren’t sure what to expect during an inspection, here’s what you need to know.

First things first:

Make sure that access is clear for Abby and I to enter the premises.  The easier the access, the more efficient our team can be.

Make sure that no pesticides, baits, powders or other product residues are on the property. If you have used a pesticide before, a three-week wait or longer may be required before the CBBD team goes in.

The scent of a pesticide or powder residue on the premises or on dead bugs can be unsafe for the dog.  And because post-treatment bugs may take days or weeks to die, their lingering scent can send false alerts. Therefore, a waiting period is needed for best results and highest safety.

Learn more about pre-inspection

Residential inspections

When we first enter the home, I let Abby check around to see if she senses anything. We then move into the suspect rooms, sometimes moving furniture as needed. We only move items that may obstruct access so as not to alert the bed bugs.

We check walls, chairs, wall trim, carpet, beds, headboards, box spring and mattresses for any sign of the bugs.

Electronic devices are also searched, as are DVD players, books and shelves. How to know if you have bed bugs

Once there’s an alert, we mark the area and inspect for signs of bed bugs. Abby leaves the premises and I do a more thorough visual inspection, marking the areas with tape to let a treatment services know where they are. Depending on the service requested, I’ll provide a summarized report for the pest control company. If you don’t have a pest control provider, I’m happy to refer one in your area.

A residential inspection can take anywhere from 45 minutest to one hour for a three-bedroom home. More time if garage or cars are inspected.


Commercial inspections

Unlike residential inspections, a commercial property owner may not suspect the presence of bed bugs, but rather, just wants an inspection to adhere to municipal business health standards.

We first clear any obstructions and if there are no alerts, we will issue a report indicating that there was no sign of bed bugs on that day.

In case of an infestation, we will summarize any findings for the treatment company who will remedy the situation.

During a large commercial property inspection, Abby will take a break every two hours or so to re-hydrate.

The Carolina Bed Bug Dog team inspects hotels and other commercial properties of all sizes. We will be glad to help you inspect your business. Book an appointment today.

If you have any concerns, call us at (336) 908-3975 and we’ll answer your questions the best we can.