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What to Look For in a Bed Bug Inspector

What to look for in a bed bug inspector

After you’ve determined bed bugs may be on your property, you may be tempted to try quick fixes like bug sprays, powders or traps that claim to eradicate bed bugs. Don’t be fooled by these unsafe and unproven methods. Sprays and powders can be hazardous to you, your pets and the environment. And traps only address bugs that happen to visit the targeted area and not the eggs that haven’t hatched.

Only an experienced inspector with expert knowledge and proper resources can give a proper assessment.  An experienced handler will not claim 100% accuracy of canines.  Canine scent teams are highly accurate, and handlers should be honest regarding the fact that canine scent teams are in fact less than 97% on any given  day, typically in the 90% range of accuracy.  This compares to approximately 40% accuracy rates when inspectors are without aid of a trained scent K-9.

So what should you look for?

  1. A team that is certified – so you get highly trained human and canine dedicated to giving you the best service at every stage of the inspection. A certified team will inspect your home and assess it more accurately,  and refer you to a pest control specialist suited to your needs and environmental beliefs.
  2. A trained canine – An untrained canine can’t accurately detect bed bugs.  But a trained canine  can detect live bugs faster than a pest control company.  This can lead to substantially lower remediation costs for schools, hotels, government and commercial properties.
  3. Regular (daily) training – A team that trains often and maintains the well-being of its canine members.  Accurate bed bug detection can only be maintained when your inspection team is alert and ready to work.
  4. Social proof and strong referrals – A trusted  provider who delivers on promises. A professional with inspection experience will provide you with the highest level of service.
  5. No conflict of interest – A good bed bug inspector works without conflict of interest of pest control companies, and will only will refer you to a pest control services that best suits your needs and situation.

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