When should you contact Carolina Bed Bug Dog?

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  •   Do you or a family member have unexplained, itchy bites?
  •   Do you notice dark spots or stains on your bedding or walls near bedding?
  •   Do you know what to look for when you travel?
  •   Do you have family members staying in college dorms?
  •   Do your employees travel?
  •   Do you work in the hospitality industry?
  •   Do you work in social services?
  •   Do you know how to pack/unpack, what to do in order to avoid bringing bed bugs home?
  •  Do you know that some canines are trained to sniff out bed bugs because the bed bugs are difficult to locate?
  •  Do you know what treatment methods are available for bed bugs?
  •  Do you work with the public?
  •  Do you ride public transportation?
  •  Have you purchased any second-hand clothing or furniture recently?
  • Are you a property manager?
  • Do you live in a multi-family dwelling?
  • Do you live/work in North Carolina,  South Carolina, or Virginia?

The questions noted above can lead you to a decision to call Carolina Bed Bug Dog for assistance.  Being proactive with regard to bed bug management is the safest way to avoid problems that arise with these pests.

We look forward to working with you on all aspects of bed bug management. We work to provide discreet, accurate bed bug management protocol via safe and effective IPM methods.

The best scenario is to locate bed bugs where they hide. Where there is one, there are usually more. Our K-9 scent teams are specifically trained for bed bug scent detection, and are WDDO certified.  We train daily and attend continuing education courses and scent team training multiple times per year in order to provide great customer service.

Here is a summary of what Carolina Bed Bug offers clients:

  1. One-time discovery K-9  inspections
  2. Post-treatment  inspections
  3. Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual bed bug management programs
  4. Government building K-9 bed bug inspections
  5. Scheduling Flexibility
  6. Safe and environmentally friendly solutions
  7. Discreet service-we do not have signage on vehicles.  The reason for this is that we want you to feel assured about confidentiality
  8. Bed bug pre-remediation prep services
  9. Client education about bed bug habits, how to pack/unpack to avoid bed bug infestation
  10.  Commercial and residential K-9 inspections



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