Yes, You still should worry about bed bugs even in locations like retail stores. See the story

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New York Fashion reports:
Remember the great Bedbug Summer of 2010? When everyone in New York City was terrified of contracting vermin from places that were previously considered safe, like movie theaters, fashion magazine offices, and Abercrombie & Fitch? The epidemic has died down since then — not that you shouldn’t still give mysterious furniture a wide berth and freak out when you find strange bites. Therefore, it’s perplexing that the Urban Outfitters store in the Flatiron district hasn’t addressed what sounds like a serious bedbug problem.
Jezebel reports that the store had its first bedbug complaint in March, followed by two employees confirming infestations in their homes. Meanwhile, “a dozen associates have reported telltale bites.” There’s more:

Yes, You should worry about bed bugs, even in retail stores. See the story

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